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Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2

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Server Features

L2Sayayin PVP

Interlude Server

9999x EXP/SP

9999x Adena Drop

GM Shop/GK/Full buffer (scheme buffer+normal)

Wedding System

Custom Zones (4 zones , 2 rb zones 2 farm zones)

Daily Raids (Halisha n Galaxia)

Olympiad Working

Auto TvT (Hourly)

1min Spawn Protection

Accounts Auto-Created

Customized Noblesse System (Double Click Coin of Luck and you are nobless)

GeoData : Enabled

Auto Restarts (Every 2 Days! NO LAG)

Custom Commands

.online - Show how many players ingame

.tvtjoin - Join the TvT

.tvtleave - Leave the TvT

.tvtinfo - Information on the TvT

.info - Gives server information

Enchant Rates:

+20 Safe

+20 Max

100% Chance

(To challenge players)


Contact Info

Goku, Who is the founder and
owner of the project, comes from
Spain and can speak both
Spanish and English.